Its ME

Gentle Lines

It's M.E.: Gentle Lines Tracks 1. Precious Bird (Hüdepohl)
2. Rough Love (Hüdepohl)
3. Nightowls (Hüdepohl)
4. Memories are Gone (Hüdepohl)
5. April Rain (Hüdepohl)
6. A Simple Kind of Love (H?depohl)
7. Daydream (Hüdepohl)
8. My Poison (Hüdepohl)
9. Not a Good Day (H?depohl)
10. Gambler (Hüdepohl)
11. The City I Live in (Hüdepohl)
12. Reverend Stop Preaching (Hüdepohl)
13. Ghosttrack (Hüdepohl)

Martina Maschke (Leadvocals)
Ecki Hüdepohl (Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Accordion,
Vocals, Perc.)

composed, recorded and mixed by Ecki Hüdepohl
at Fuchsbau Studio, Hannover between July and
November 2013
mastered by Klaus Peter "Doc" Reinicke
at Graswege-Studio, Hannover November 2013
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